Taking pics

I often hear people talk about what they like taking pictures of. Most of the time they will say the outdoors or something of that nature. Rarely do I hear anyone saying that they like taking pics of people!

I enjoy taking pictures of all types of things; nature, people, wildlife, etc. There is really nothing out there I do NOT like taking pictures of! I guess that is because I love photography. I love creating things. To me a “picture” is more than just a picture, it is a work of art that only YOU can create. There may be similar pictures out there by different people, but usually no two are ever going to be alike.

What inspires me most is to create something that might not be seen on an average day. I like creating fantasy based art as well.

What do you enjoy shooting? How long have you been doing photography and what inspires you to create? Do you consider yourself an artist, photographer, or a combination of the two? These are all things I would love to hear from fellow photographers out there. Even if you do it as a hobby, I would still like to hear from you! 🙂

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