Why choose a “custom” photographer?


I found this article particularly interesting, as I often find myself trying to find a way to explain exactly why it is important to know the difference between a basic studio photographer and a custom photographer.
Most people these days are looking for a deal. And who can blame them? Everyone wants a deal! But along with that, you also have to consider what you are actually getting for the cost as well. Do you want to pay next to nothing and get something you’re not happy with, or spend a little more and be totally satisfied?
For me, it’s a no brainer. But a lot of people do not understand what custom photography is all about. And with so many “photographers” out there these days, it can be difficult to decide on who to choose.
I think the most important aspect of being a photographer for me, is to know and understand the client and what they are looking for. And a good photographer will take the time to and understand their clients.
I also feel price is a big factor when choosing the right photographer, you can usually bet if it’s the cheapest price around, there’s a reason. At the same time, if someone is trying to charge upwards of $5,000 for a wedding, I believe they are overcharging. I try to find that happy medium in my pricing where everyone can afford to have images from their wedding they are happy with and still take a honeymoon! 🙂

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